Monday, November 15, 2010

How I'll Diagnose

Before I start off the very first review, I'll give you a general idea as to how, exactly, I'll be rating games. While I acknowledge that some sort of quantitative mechanism is extremely important, I really feel that numbers alone can't accurately describe a game's worth. To illustrate, let's take a look at Tetris. The graphics don't matter beyond simply being intelligible, there's no story or justification for why you're dropping blocks and creating walls, and every level is identical, with a slight increase in difficulty. Scoring this quantitatively would result in a low score at best, and something barely derivative of the game's actual worth at worst. However, twenty-six years have not diminished the incredible amount of fun Tetris provides.

There's more to a game than it's looks and narrative, otherwise they'd just be movies. Video games are games, and games, by definition, require interaction from the participant to be experienced. This participation can't be calculated easily, and is different for each and every person.

To this end, I will attempt to score games on a ten point scale based on the fairly standard categories of: Presentation, Game play, and Story/Immersion. I'll average these together to give the game a numeric score, but I will also be adding a separate qualitative category for Enjoyment. In this final category I'll explain precisely why I enjoyed or didn't enjoy a game, but it will ultimately but up to you to rate this factor for yourself.

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